Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Camoflauge Teacup...

After almost 2 weeks of working on "Stitching the Standard", tonight I decided it was time to make some progress on one of my other goals for the month. Here is my start on Heart In Hand's "Alphabet Mania: T" design.

I'm not sure how much I like the colors....hence the "camoflauge" title of this post. The greens and browns seem even more "woodsy" in real life. I'm also not thrilled with the fabric I'm using - 18-ct. Aida. I want to fit this into one of those little lucite coasters and give it to my mom as a stocking stuffer this Christmas - however, in order to make sure the square design would fit the round coaster I have on hand, I couldn't use any of my favorite 28-ct. fabrics. I did get to make one cutesy personalization, though -- I'm stitching my teacup on tea-dyed fabric!! hehehe As much as I hate stitching on Aida, I hate stitching on white Aida even I set up my own little dying project in the kitchen after work today. DH said I looked like a mad scientist. But stitching on Aida can be so miserable. It is so stiff and needle doesn't slide the way I'm use to it doing with my lovely Jazlyn. Wah.

Well, I'm heading back down stairs to work on "Stitching the Standard" a bit more tonight. Hmmm, flesh tones in the neck or hand....or maybe some black (hair)? That is about all that is left....

Oh, Patti - here is a link to the Chatelaine group for the New Orleans design. I'd post a pic here, but I don't want to steal bandwidth. I'm still not sure whether or not I'll join in for this one - her designs are so pretty, but a bit intimidating.

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