Wednesday, May 04, 2005

SBQ, 5/4/2005

So I apparently missed a stitching blogger's question last week...ah well. Life has seemed a bit hectic around here, although I don't exactly know WHY. But without further ado, onto the next (2!) questions:

Finishing SBQ
Do you finish all your finished pieces? (pillow, frame, etc,) If so, how do you finish the pieces? If not what do you do with them?

I don't finish all my fact, many of them are stored in a storage bin under my bed! I have absolutely NO sewing skills, so making them into pillows or bellpulls (which I think are adorable, BTW) isn't really an option. And framing is soooooooo expensive. Also, now that I've switched from Aida to evenweaves/linens, I've found that Michael's doesn't do a very good job of stretching and pinning them. Neither of the last 2 pieces I've had framed were even - the fabric looked "wavy" both times, and I'm determined NOT to give them anymore framing business. Keeping pieces unfinished also means that if I decide to give them as gifts, I can have them framed or finished in a way that suits the recipient. Basically, the only things I "finish" completely right away are the little plastic-framed kits I pick up for travel stitching -- because I don't feel horribly guilty about gluing them together!

Freebie SBQ
What is your opinion of Internet "freebies?"

I wish there were more!!! LOL I have a bookmarked list of favorite freebie sites that I try to check at least once a month or so. I have lots of the Dragon Dreams freebies, and a bunch from the Rainbow Gallery, San-Man Originals, and Ellen Maurer-Stroh. Others I've found via bulletin boards and other websites. One thing I hate is when a design is a "freebie" for only a limited time, and then disappears completely. I'll see it stitched in a gallery somewhere, but then can't find the pattern anywhere (free or otherwise). So frustrating...

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