Tuesday, April 26, 2005

just for Karen!!

I was reading through some of my old entries, and realized that Karen asked to see a pic of my kitties. Well, we don't have a digital camera (hence the total lack of pics of....ANYTHING....in my blog....), but Hubby finally got some film developed.

Don't let them fool you - they are Holy Terrors!!! And they both feel the need to sit smack-dab in the middle of my lap as soon as I pick up my stitching...... hehehe


Anonymous said...

Surely they can't be terrors! I look so cute and innocent. They are beautiful cats :-) Thanks for the pics!

tkdchick said...

Oh my gosh! They're ust darling!!! Cats a terror... never!!!

Suz said...

awww, they're so cuuuuuute!