Friday, February 18, 2005

so much time, so little to say.

I think I have the winter blahs.

Nothing is fun right now...I can't get excited about my stitching (although stash enhancement sounds fun - but I have no money), I'm not motivated to do my workout routine, work is a total drag. DH has decided to take me away for the weekend, which should be nice, but I have my period and am crampy and uncomfortable (sorry if that was TMI). Blah blah blah. I need 2 weeks in some exotic tropical location, just me, my stitching, my camera, and a big pile of books to read. And tasty tropical alcoholic drinks, with fancy paper umbrellas and swirling with pretty colors - yum!!!!

Anyway. Right now I have a shopping cart sitting over at with the Fantasy Faire limited editions from Brenda Franklin and TW in it, along with the Dinky Dyes "Fantasy Blues" cotton and another chart from Great Bear Canada (the Celtic "Source of Strength" one with the tree and quote). The total order isn't THAT much, and I'd really like these things....but 1) I don't WHEN I'll ever get to stitch them, 2) I feel guilty for spending the money, and 3) although I know DH doesn't get mad at me for stash enhancement, I still feel like he wishes I'd quit. So everyday I visit my cart, but don't finish the order..... pitiful, eh?

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