Friday, February 25, 2005

d*mn you, USPS!!

Back before Christmas, a friend of mine who designs and sews medieval/Renaissance garb was making polar fleece hats for a charity fundraiser. Well, she gave me one when I went to visit her, and I thought they would make cute stocking stuffer gifts for friends and family, so I bought a couple. I also left a piece of my stitching with her, because she had the fabric, machines, and knowledge to make it into a little pouch I could wear on my belt this summer at Faire. She was going to mail me a package with my goodies in it. Christmas passes - no package. I got an email from her before New Year's saying that there was a mix up at the post office, and for some reason the package was returned. She double-checked my address and said she would mail it never arrived. So finally yesterday I got around to calling her. I mean, let's face it, I was MAD. I figured she'd fallen off the face of the earth or something! According to her (and I'm still not convinced this is the case), she DID resend the package. No tracking or delivery confirmation, of either my friend is lying to me - and I hate even thinking that - or some stranger has a couple cute polar fleece hats and a tapestry belt pouch with a cross-stitched thistle on it. >:(

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