Tuesday, January 02, 2018

New Year Planning

So I'm a little behind with my new year's greeting - I hope everyone is off to a good start in 2018!  It has been brutally cold here, and I head back to work tomorrow.  In the meantime, I've done a bit of thinking about my stitching and crafting goals, and I think this is as good a time as any to share.

1) I've enjoyed the Smalls SAL for the past 3 years, and see no reason not to continue participating.  I like the small finishes, and I've found great inspiration for ornaments and other non-traditional finishing ideas!
2) I think it might be time to join the WIPocalypse again.  I did it years ago, and then completely fell off the wagon...  I've been slowly collecting projects from various nooks and crannies, and will document them in detail at the first check-in next week.
3) I've been on Facebook for years now, but have finally jumped onto the Instagram craze as well.  You can find me there under the username ekfrenchknots.  I must admit, it is fun to quickly upload a picture there and browse everyone else's things!
4) I did cave and make one new start for the year - Marbek/Serendipity's "Seaside Angel."  Here she is, on 32-ct. "Sky, Sea, Sand" fabric from Sunny Dyes.
I always start at the middle, so this little green blob is the bit of gown under/to the right of her left hand.  No telling how long progress on this one will take.

As I always enjoy saying, may your year be floss-filled and frog-free!


Kay said...

Gorgeous fabric, I always start in the middle too. x

Robin in Virginia said...

Your fabric is simply stunning. I look forward to seeing what you work on during 2018. I hope your year is filled with many stitches!

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