Monday, January 08, 2018

Kicking off the 2018 WIPocalypse

So, introduction first...I'm Erin.  I'm a college librarian, mom, juvenile diabetic, Renaissance Faire geek, oboe player, and terrible housekeeper.  I've attempted to join the WIPocalypse in 2012 and 2015, and always failed to keep up.  But its a new year!  I'm blindly optimistic!  Here goes!

My projects:
1) Mirabilia's Mermaids of the Deep Blue.  Ha. Haha.  Hahahahahahaha.  Yeah, this one was started back in.....2007? 2008?  It got packed away when we moved, then I got pregnant, then we moved again, then parenting happened....poor girls.  I may just pretend this one doesn't exist. And on that note...
2)...Dragon Dreams' Dragon Virtues afghan.  I started this in 2002, after we got married, and vowed I would not contemplate procreating until it was finished.  I have a 7 year old.  It is not finished.
3) Nora Corbett's Letters from Nora - M Fairy.  There IS hope for this one.  It will be my daughter's when finished.
4) Told in a Garden's Family Treasure III.  I like this one, so again, it might get finished.  There is just a LOT of confetti, especially for a band-style sampler.
(I've also made changes - for example, those lazy daisies.  In the chart, they are just cross-stitched hearts, which looked way too 1985 for my taste.)
5) Ship's Manor's Beautiful Sea.  I joined the SAL in 2016, but obviously didn't manage to complete it on schedule.  However, this is the piece that is currently getting most of my attention.

Those five - and especially the last 3 - are the ones I really want to focus on.  I'm also participating in the Smalls SAL again, so there should be at least 12 little finishes scattered in amongst the big projects this year!  And you never know what else I might find as I clean out various bags, bins, and cubbies...

And now for a bit of a confession. I've had a rough patch with a certain friend, and for some reason when that happens I start quilting.  Maybe the colors and lines just soothe my soul a bit, I don't know....but whatever the reason, I've started not one but TWO projects.  LOL 
First up is what is quickly becoming a DC superhero quilt for my husband.  Those three large panels with the quotes are approximately 20 inches square, so I'm envisioning something about 45 inches wide by 65 inches long, depending on borders and such.  Here's my start (the only thing actually sewn together on the left side is the black border around the comic book page).
And at the top of the stash picture, you can see the fabrics that will become what I have named my "disappearing nerd-patch."
This one will be all mine when it is finished!!  I have no idea what size it will be, I'm just playing and having fun.  I started with a nine-patch made of 6-inch squares, so it will grow pretty quickly.


Justine said...

Throw the Mirabilias away and free yourself! I did that with my oldest WIP and it feels sooo good. For guilt-free riddance, join the Adopt a WIP group on FB and pass it on to another stitcher.
I love the Letters from Nora and I'm sure you'll get that finished as it's for your daughter.
Awesome quilting too!

Robin in Virginia said...

What a varied list of projects! I think you should work on the ones that you want to work and perhaps toss or giveaway the first two pieces. I look forward to seeing your quilt projects get constructed.

MBogue said...

Pretty! I can't wait to see how the sea life SAL turns out. Looks gorgeous already.

Stitching Noni said...

I just ignore the ones I don't want to stitch on... one day I will find the love again but until then I don't let them guilt trip me into stitching on them! ) good luck with your goals. The quilts look lovely :)

Suz said...

I'm always blindingly optimistic when it comes to SALS (and WIPocalypse), and yet, here I am, not really that much further and still optimistic!

Your Nerd-Patch cracks me up and makes me wish I'd thought of it first. Good luck with the crafting! :)

OhSewCrafty said...

I cannot imagine cross stitching an Afghan... let it go! Love your Letter M and the quilts are awesome.

Jaret said...

All of your projects are great, but I love your quilts. I particularly love your "disappearing nerd patch". My disappearing nine patch is Wizard of Oz themed so it's a little "nerdy".

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great list! I stitched five of the Nora letters (including M) and they don't take long and look beautiful!

Love the nerdy quilt idea.

Michelle Garrette said...

Love, love, love your WIPs. But, if I may, Adopt a WIP is RIDICULOUSLY freeing. Just sayin. That geekery quilt makes my heart sing!

Pam said...

My motto is stitch what you love. Don't stress over UFO's! If you don't totally love them....Let them go!!! If you do love them, just not right now, that's OK too! I like your quilts, but sorry for the circumstance for your motivation. Until next time, stitch on!

Holly DeVivo said...

You play the oboe?!? That is very cool. Do you make your own reeds? I have a music degree, so I had to learn to play most instruments to a certain level. Double reeds are very difficult. And honestly, I sounded like a dying cow on the bassoon.

I have WIPs that are 25+ years old. At this point, they will never get finished because I have completely lost interest. Good for you for making a plan. The band sampler looks very interesting.

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