Monday, November 06, 2017

Ribbit All the Way

Well, I missed the posting deadline for the Smalls SAL, but I DID finish a small!  This is my nephew's ornament (name concealed for privacy).
The frog was a design from "501 Cross Stitch Designs" by Sam Hawkins.  I added the hat myself (WHY there aren't more holiday frogs, I'll never know), and charted the name and date for the back.  It is finished on a 3" metal finishing form, and I made the twisted cord myself to coordinate with the frog - I believe it is DMC 699.  The jewel-headed pins are anchored with a bit of glue, mostly for decoration and contrast but also to hide the end of the cord just a bit!  (I think there may be a bit of not-quite-dry Aleene's tacky glue showing in the pic of the back, where I snipped the cord tail - that has since dried clear.)

In other news, my in-laws were here visiting until Sunday, and I hate time changes (in either direction).  I felt foggy and off my game all day yesterday, and very little stitching has been happening.  Ah well.  All things in their own time!


Holly DeVivo said...

I love the frog ... very nice finish! Love Sam Hawkins, too, and I have several books of all different subjects.

The first day of the time change always makes me kind of sleepy.

Beth said...

Very cute Erin.

Mii Stitch said...

What a fun finish! A Christmas frog!!

Suz said...

That's super cute! Great job on the finishing, too :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great frog! Have you stitched any of the Brooke's Books Advent Animals? She chose some random creatures for those which are great fun.
Sorry to hear about the Craft Cave with the running water feature. Glad that nothing too valuable was damaged though.

Astrids dragon said...

So adorable, great addition with the hat!