Monday, November 27, 2017

Getting Into the Spirit

I've been plugging away on the Star Angel - probably ought to think about getting out a Christmas ornament or 2, but I just like her so much...
I've added some beads to her skirts, and made some progress on her...wings, I guess that purple on her back is supposed to be?  (My daughter and I both agree that while lovely, she doesn't come off as typically "angelic."  Angels have white feathery wings, not purple ones!)

Over the weekend, my husband agreed to be Santa for a small town holiday festival.  As a part of that, he got to ride a firetruck through downtown, and our daughter wanted in on the action!  So we made her into an elf of sorts, and here she is posing with Dad.
I hope she enjoyed watching her dad make magic for other kids - and I think it really hit home when a little boy came up to her outside the photo area (she was drinking cocoa off to the side) and said, "Hi, elf!"  He proceeded to try to engage her in conversation about elf life....her improv skills aren't quite ready for that, so Dad/Santa came to her rescue and said that elves are notoriously shy.  LOL  Later she said to me, "Mom.....he BELIEVED I was an elf!!"  LOL


Robin in Virginia said...

Your Elf is adorable. What a memory for her to have! Good progress on the angel; love the colors in this one.

Holly DeVivo said...

Who says angels have white wings? My favorite color is purple ... I would much prefer purple wings! You should do yourself a favor and switch to Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braid - a metallic floss that is a joy to stitch with. Love the angel, but I love anything with a funky vibe.

Your daughter is absolutely adorable. She and your husband are making very special memories together.

Daffycat said...

Awww, what an awesome elf indeed! Thanks for the holiday cheer, Erin!

Astrids dragon said...

Your angel looks so colourful, I love it!
How sweet that she was an elf and so excited about it! What an adorable picture of them both.