Friday, October 20, 2017

Confession Time

I went to Michael's last weekend....I may have gone a little nuts.

It all started when I saw this posted in a Facebook group (not mine, and I don't know anything about the pattern) -

The little house is from Michael's, and I actually knew exactly where to find them, because I had looked at them a couple times wondering what I might do with one!  So I made a beeline for Michael's.  I ended up with not just that little house, but another one that looks a bit different, plus a black metal shadow box with a scalloped edge that I think will be a perfect fit for the zombie girl when she's finished.  
(If you're keeping track, that's 3 items.)
Then I saw one of those little matboard fake books that said "Spells" on the cover - oooo, put a little witchy design inside it, Crafty Brain sez!  Then I came across the wooden cut-outs that looked like tombstones and all the Tim Holtz ghoul-y 3-D scrapbooking stuff.  And at least 50% off?  Oh dear.
(Book, a few wooden cut-outs, scrappy we're close to 10 items.)
Some creepy black moss stuff, also on clearance, some little bat charms from the jewelry aisle....Crafty Brain has now taken over and is running wild.....

...and I couldn't persuade her to put anything back, either.  At least I stopped C.B. from grabbing the giant red lantern from the Christmas aisle (NOT on sale!) to do some sort of stitchy ornament arrangement....


Holly DeVivo said...

Rule #1: never stop Crafty Brain when she is on a roll! That is your creative intuition in disguise. Never silence her - just let her do her thing. From my experience, this almost always turns out well! :)

And you're the one with the beautiful ocean-inspired lantern finish! I saw it somewhere and was instantly in love with it. Definitely an intuitive Crafty Brain moment.

And please, share your applesauce honey cookie recipe with us!

ricketyjo said...

Bwahahahahahahahaha! I love it! Sometimes you just can't fight these things... and you shouldn't! Enjoy your lovely new things!

Robin in Virginia said...

What a cool house that you picked up! Psst...go back for the big red lantern. You will regret it down the road if you don't. Enjoy your weekend!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

You're so lucky to have all this stuff! We have more Hallowe'en here now but it's all cheap plastic tat, nothing nice and wooden.

Mary said...

Oh, I love this house and missed seeing it at my Michaels, I will have to scour the store again! What a great idea!! I hope you pick up the lantern, one of the craft stores should have a 50% coupon....I learned the hard way that if I really want it to purchase it right away. Just became a new follower. Mary@stitchingfriendsforever

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