Friday, September 22, 2017

Still Sampling

The farther I go with this one, the less I love it.  :/  Last night I added the last word ("Home") to the quote at the bottom, and there really isn't that much more to go.  Finish up those trees, and the top line with my initials and the date, then the green border....and I am going to try the post-stitching tea-dye process that the designer describes in the instructions.  Basically, I'm to blot the finished piece with a tea bag from some strong black tea!  I think it will be an interesting experiment, if nothing else.
(And if you are wondering what possessed me to stitch this in the first place, given how far from my usual design preferences it was that quote.  I have a friend or 2 who haven't found that kind of love in their birth-home, and this reminded me that "homes" needn't be the place where you are born.)


Carol said...

A lovely quote and a lovely sampler! You'll be calling this a finish in no time :)

Robin in Virginia said...

What a beautiful sampler you are creating! Enjoy your weekend!

Beth said...

The sentiment is worth the stitch. You'll be more in love with it when you are done. I get ADD stitching Big Things and want to 'move on' to something new long before I've finished - and so I have numerous UFOs!