Monday, July 10, 2017

I like big...books

Some time ago, Honeybee shared the books she created using Blog2Print.  The librarian and historian in me was immediately intrigued, and I signed up to create a few myself.  But I was never entirely pleased with the result - my pictures are often not the best (apologies, readers) and I just didn't like the way it "read" as a story.  Maybe going forward, if I were to blog with the intent of publishing, I might change things....but maybe not.

So I put that idea away, but still thought from time to time how I might best collect and preserve some of the things I've made.  Then I got a free photo book code from Shutterfly....last week, this arrived.

It is not comprehensive, and in all honesty, doesn't have all of my "favorites"...more like "those projects of which I had good digital pictures."  LOL  There is a page spread for framed things, one for ornaments, another for exchanges, and other such groupings, plus 3 pages of my amateur quilting projects.

I'm pretty pleased with the finished product!


Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

That book is a true keepsake of all your work. My blog pictures aren't that professional, so I always shy away from these types of things. But now you have me reconsidering that. Thanks for sharing! --Andrea

Beth said...

Great way to save bits of your blog and favorite projects. I used Blog2Print for years faithfully, but have not documented my blog for a couple of years now - I need to get back doing that again.

Astrids dragon said...

Great idea, what a wonderful keepsake.

Celaina said...


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