Monday, February 06, 2017

Minding my needles

I admit it, I've jumped on the needleminder band wagon.  :D

I don't have TOO many (yet!), but I can see that changing, as I've found a use for the one thing my husband gets in his Lootcrates that he doesn't usually want....lapel pins!!
I was pretty pleased.  I removed the big stick pin from the back with pliers, then sanded it down smooth with my Dremel.  I got my magnets at Hobby Lobby - I think they were the 1/2" diameter size craft magnets (silver, not the black ceramic ones) - and attached one using E6000 clear adhesive.  Easy peasy!  And suitably nerdy.  Since he gets both the general Lootcrate the Firefly-themed one, I was thinking about making more and possibly selling them on eBay or Etsy.


Melinda Forbes said...

Great needleminder - thanks for sharing your tips on creating it. It looks great

Sara said...

Great idea! I could use some nerdy neeleminders😊