Friday, January 27, 2017

New Year, New Smalls SAL!

For my niece who loves orange:
"Tooth Fairy" from Oxmoor House's One-Hour Cross Stitch
colors changed!
This was just fun to stitch and put together.  The little fairy's tunic is a Six-Strand Sweet color - Pink Grapefruit, I think? - and the cord for hanging is a blend of pink and orange DMC.  The stitched piece is actually a pocket, and the orange border extends as the pocket lining (so little teeth won't get lost in thread ends/white fabric!).

I also have another surprise for the sweet girl who settled on orange as her favorite color after getting attached to the Staten Island Ferry as a toddler...I "rescued" these blocks from the thrift store and squared them up as best I could.  The top is currently at the longarm quilter's shop.
The blocks are a little wonky...there was no "fix" for the wavy seams (which are especially visible in the teal pieces)!  But I think it is kind of charming, all the same.  And I like imagining what its beginnings might have been.  It reminds me of those "easy quilt kits" the craft chains sell, and I can just see someone with few/no sewing skills thinking they could whip this together...and then getting increasingly frustrated as they realize those kits leave almost no room for error.  Finally the project ended up in the scrap pile, but they couldn't bring themselves to just throw it away.  Later - years, perhaps - they found it again, looked at it resignedly, and bundled it off to the thrift store.  And so my "Woodland Rescue" was born.


Amy said...

Those are both wonderful! And the fact that she likes orange because she got attached to the Ferry - absolutely delightful!

Mary said...

Your finish is adorable and the quilt is charming.

Mii Stitch said...

Really fun tooth fairy finish.

Elfie said...

Lovely stitching. I have a friend whose fave colour is orange, and she would just adore that quilt!

Carol said...

Hi Erin! And Happy New Year (just a month late!)... Thanks for visiting my blog--it is always nice to see your comments :)

I love the darling tooth fairy finish--will have to keep that in mind as my oldest son is getting married and perhaps, just perhaps I'll be a grandma in a few years time! Keeping my fingers crossed...

Will be heading up to our hometown sometime soon as my uncle just passed away last week. I still think fondly of the fun I had growing up there.

Enjoy your Sunday!