Thursday, October 06, 2016

Cowboys and....bunnies?

Back to stitching on "Cowboy Dreams" last night.  The pattern is designed with a little rabbit next to the horse at the bottom, and it just wasn't working for me.  My husband's stepdad was a country vet, and while he did probably treat a rabbit or 2, I thought I could come up with something that connected better.  So I dug through my old JCS ornament issues until I found a dog in the correct scale - thank you, 2015 Mani di Donna design - and modified it just a bit to fit better.  I thought about stitching it in black, but it was just too dark (and given Step-Dad's declining health, made me think a bit too much about the black dogs/hellhounds from Supernatural).  So here is a...golden retriever?  Terrier of some sort?  He looked a little like a fox, so I added the red collar to emphasize his dog-ness.

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