Monday, February 29, 2016

Smalls, smalls, smalls

I really wanted to get the little lady I was working on earlier this month finished for my Smalls Check-in post....but alas, I was distracted by other things (including a couple bouts of illness that ran through our house - ick).  So is it "cheating" to link to my necklace finish?  I hope not!  It was started and finished entirely in this month, I was just so impatient to share that I posted it about a week early.  :)  There isn't much left to finish on the lady, so I'm sure you'll see her soon.  I've also been working on an old Prairie Schooler design, one of the Winter Samplers.  I'm  a bit obsessed with getting it finished before the weather turns (and it HAS been unseasonably warm here lately!), and that should be ready for sharing in a week or so, if I can keep up my current stitching pace.

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KimM said...

I can understand where some illness can knock one's socks off. Hope you are better and back to stitching your fingers to the bone.