Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Old Wednesday Ritual, Resurrected

On Wednesdays, I work from 10-6.  My daughter's daycare was about halfway between home and work, so in the past I would drop her off around 8 am (because they had breakfast there, and she liked it!), then pick up a cup of coffee at the local mini-mart and find a parking spot on campus to stitch for a little over an hour.  When she started school this year, my ritual slipped a bit....mostly because the school bus picks her up in the neighborhood, and the temptation to go back home and get some housework done often won out.  Well, today I decided it was time to stitch again.  :)
Stitching!  Coffee!  NPR!  Geek Paradise!
The design is from this 1987 calendar booklet by Laura Conley.  
I'm working on the lady from the lower right corner, and I plan to finish her into a scissor pocket - one of my auction finds over the summer included a couple pairs of older German scissors that need to be loved, and this idea hit me a few months ago.  


cucki said...

It's a beautiful design
I love it x

Suz said...

That's a great piece. Glad you got back to your ritual! :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What a great idea! It's nice to make some time for stitching. If I'm not working I do housework and computing in the morning and then stitch after lunch.