Thursday, September 24, 2015

Want to stitch all the things!!

I'm feeling stitch-obsessed lately.  After finishing the little boxes, I worked on Family Treasure III for a while...then I took out the Dark Sorceress (remember her?!?)...then I started a small....then I signed up for a fall exchange and dove right into stitching that, too.....

...and I've taken NO pictures.  I'm just totally unfocused!!  It isn't helping that both I and the Small One had a really nasty fever/coughing bug - it has been almost a week and we are FINALLY feeling better.  She's still coughing, and I have lost my voice, but the fevers are gone and I think we have turned a corner.  Ugh!  At least she seems to be enjoying school - although she tells me that they do "baby things" a lot.  I guess that is the price we pay for having a great daycare/preschool for the past 5 years.  She is definitely bored by the "counting to 10/learning letters/identifying colors" stuff!
And there she goes!

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Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Hope you are feeling better now. How old is your daughter? She should go to a British School! My son is six and his peers in mainstream education are learning cursive script, times tables and guided reading. Which is six children reading a book together and discussing it together. So much more interesting than just reading aloud to one adult.
Mind you, none of them would ever travel on a bus alone. Everyone live within walking distance of the school although some lazy parents do drive! Maybe American children are more independent outside of school?