Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July Smalls SAL and another auction find

Last month, Heather challenged us to stitch a Christmas/winter-themed small in July.  So I found this little pattern in my stash - "Santa's Helper" by Cedar Hill.  I swapped out most of the colors (I used hand-dyeds for the bag, the tree and the lightest shade of brown on the raccoon), made the tie a lazy daisy bow instead of just a knot, and added 2 little copper beads to the ends of the tie.
It is stitched over 2 on a piece of blue linen from my "mystery" bin - and after trying both 2 threads and 1, I decided I liked it best stitched with just 1 thread over 2.

In other craft-related news,long-time readers might remember a few years ago when my dad found this 1950s-era sewing box for me at an auction.  Well, a week or 2 ago DH and I went to an auction looking for a new dresser.  We didn't find a dresser, but I DID spot this -
And it came home with me for just $30!  I haven't yet had the time or the nerve to try it out, but I'm looking forward to being able to finish the edges of the fabric I cut, if nothing else.


Suz said...

That small is adorable - love that raccoon.

And I adore my Tiny Serger. I think I might have a broken cog (or it needs oiling), because I had issues with it after having not used it for a few years - but it has a prime spot in my stitching closet! So glad you got one, it's awesome! (and iirc, the instructions are pretty easy!)

KimM said...

LOVE your small! It's adorable. I didn't get my small done this month - too busy with my new-found doll fetish - HA!
And a serger - I have one, but haven't had the nerve to try it out. It looks complicated. Looking forward to seeing your serger adventures.

Michele Stravato said...

Love the raccoon. Great color choice.

Marie said...

Santa's helper is truly adorable!!!
Yikes, that was only $30.? How lucky are you!

Jennifer M. said...

Love your little raccoon finish. Really adorable and I love the little changes you added.

Great find on the serger. If you've never used one before, just remember to be patient. There is a learning curve. The threading alone on any serger can be tricky and frustrating when you are first figuring how to do it.

Good Luck. :-)

Małgorzata Zoltek said...

Piekny haft. Pięknie dobrałaś kolory!

Sheryl S. said...

Lovely little Small. The serger is going to be so useful

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Cute raccoon! Imagine finding one of this in your presents on Christmas morning!

Kaisievic said...

Your racoon is so adorable and have fun with your overlocker. Great find!