Friday, July 17, 2015

Finished and framed

Picked this up last night from Hobby Lobby (still not a fan of some of their corporate policies, but their framing department is the only local one I trust...).  It is a gift for one of my nieces.

The design is from an older booklet titled "A is for Always," an alphabet collection featuring the drawings of Joan Walsh Anglund.  I remember reading several children's books she illustrated, and both my mother and I thought her characters were rather charming.
The framer kept trying to use a wood/brown frame with this, but I insisted she try the green metal one.  After I left it, I started second-guessing myself, but I'm glad I didn't go back!  I think this works perfectly, and keeps the darker colors from being overpowered by a dark frame.  (Don't mind the plastic - since it has to be shipped, I didn't bother taking it out of the package.)


Annie said...

It is beautiful! Such a lovely gift - I am sure it will be appreciated for many years to come:))

Mii Stitch said...

A wonderful gift it will be! :)

Angela Huston said...

It's marvelous! I have only 2. One is an angel and the other one is my favorite writer from - Rose Hapfons. I asked her for a picture and she sent me. I then worked for 2 months to make it good.