Friday, April 17, 2015

Quilt Progress

Stitching has slowed a bit....I did start an old kit (on aida, even!) that I found in my stash, but I'm not feeling terribly motivated to work on it.  It is my Wednesday morning project - I drop off the kiddo at daycare around 8, but don't have to be at work until 10, so I take an hour or so to stitch in my car.  Classes at the college where I work will be ending soon, though, so my schedule will be changing for the summer.  Of course, then I could go outside and stitch on my lunch break....  :)

In the meantime, my daughter keeps asking when the "pirate quilt" will be done.  Here is my progress as of last night -
I love the way the colors are working together!  I did get some little wavy spots in my fabric, though....most obviously in that big "map" square in the middle of the lower row.  Hmph.  I'm pretty sure it is because 1) my fabrics are of slightly different qualities, 2) my sewing machine doesn't have a walking foot, and 3) I'm still a novice quilter/sewer.  Ah well.  I'm hoping a lot of this will be disguised once it is quilted with batting and all!!

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Anonymous said...

Your quilting looks lovely.
Happy weekend Erin x