Friday, January 30, 2015


Thank you all so much for the comments on my small finish in the last post - seeing them all made me smile!  I've been feeling more "stitchy" than "finishy" lately, so it may be a while before I sit down with the sewing machine to get that all put together.  But since it is for Christmas, I guess I have at least a few months...  ;)

Work and family has been keeping me really busy this month - our renovated library opened after Christmas break, and DH is job hunting.  No luck yet, although he did have a phone interview halfway across the country.  Gulp.  Other than the small, I haven't got much to show.

However, I DID do something I rarely do - last night I checked out the Nashville release "teasers" over at Stitches 'N Things.  And oh my, but I fell completely in love with this little design by Mani di Donna.
The pattern comes with the lovely medieval lady button, and the box is available as well.  I have absolutely NO stash money to play with while DH is unemployed, so I am being responsible and not buying this!  But I'm sharing it here just because I love looking at it....and maybe I can enable someone else.  LOL


DJH said...

Good luck to your hubby.
That is a lovely chart!

Sarah Maximiek said...

That is a nice piece (and I don't even stitch!) And some inquiring minds want to know -- how do you like the new library?

Von said...

There are several ways to collect designs! I think that's what Pinterest is all about for some of us. :)

Good luck to your husband in his job search.

Ranae said...

I saw these designs too with the painted face buttons, love!!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I have to be in the right mood for finishing!

This is a lovely design, I haven't seen anything like this before.