Monday, July 21, 2014

Swearing at my Sewing Machine

While I haven't done much stitching - it has been too hot to sit in the living room lately! - I have been browsing sewing blogs.  I've grown particularly fond of the "refashioning" trend, finding unappealing items at thrift stores and turning them into something more wearable.  So Friday, after being inspired by Jillian over at Refashionista, I did a quick run through the local Goodwill.  I came home with this:
It was hanging on the dress racks.  Well, even in my youth this style would NEVER have worked as a dress for me...and now I'm too old and saggy in certain places to even try this on for a "before" picture.  LOL  I'd say "use your imagination," but then again, I don't want to be blamed for the ensuing nightmares.

First I deconstructed the piece, removing the zipper and taking off the "bodice."
See what I mean?!?  Look how tiny that top piece is!!

I had to line the skirt, which is what became my undoing.  I had an old navy blue tee that I thought would be perfect for that purpose...however, it was rayon and very slippery.  Also, the dress fabric was cheap and frayed terribly once it was disassembled.  But I soldiered on, and changed the waist to an elastic drawstring (I made a casing of sorts using the skirt fabric and creasing it above where the lining was attached).  And...ta-da!
It is a crummy workplace bathroom pic...but you get the idea.  The top was another thrift store find from some time ago - it was slated to go back because it is a bit of an odd color (compared to the colors I usually wear), but it coordinates almost perfectly with the skirt.  And thankfully, it covers up my moderately wonky waistband!  The finished skirt hangs in such a way as to hide a multitude of fabric puckers and other sins, as well.

So there you go, my first attempt at "refashioning."  It was frustrating at times, but fun, and I'll be on the lookout for other potential candidates!


cucki said...

So beautiful x

Thoeria said...

Very clever :)

Anna van Schurman said...

It's a winner. You're much braver than me. I've been reading Jillian's blog forever and never managed to refashion anything. Some day!

Olivia said...

Nicely done! You're an inspiration!

Shebafudge said...

Wow! That skirt looks amazing. Well done you!