Saturday, January 18, 2014

Muriel gets cabin fever

Greetings, friends.  Muriel here, checking in while my hostess is laid up with her arm in a sling....silly woman.  While I've not really investigated any of the martial arts (it doesn't seem proper for a woman my age to be flashing her bloomers!), it would seem that if you are put in an uncomfortable position, it would be wise to admit defeat rather than struggle.  Hmph.  Ah well, my hostess can't do much stitching or typing, so the computer and the stitching chair are all mine for a bit!

Last weekend my hostess visited her grandmother to celebrate the dear lady's 100th birthday.  I did not attend, as Grandmother is easily confused and would probably not understand my globe-trotting ways.  But here is a lovely picture of my hostess and her family.
Because Grandmother is now in a skilled nursing facility, my hostess' uncles cleaned out her small apartment.  They brought some things to the party for family to take, and my hostess got a couple of the baby/lap quilts that Grandma had made back when she could still do such projects.  Evidently she made a bunch "to have on hand" for future great/great-great grandchildren!
I thought this one offered me great camoflauge.
I also thought it  made a lovely backdrop for
my hostess' pre-injury progress on the "Dare to Begin" sampler.
After the thaw here last week, it looks like winter is once again settling in.  While my hostess can't do too much stitching (she DID get a small Just Nan design in a hoop on her lap frame, though), she is somewhat smug about the fact that she can't shovel snow, either.
Don't mind me, I shall just sit here and stitch and dream of warmer climes!  Until next time...


Margaret said...

Muriel, Remember the HD3QBEM at my house? She has baby quilts a total of seven, all laid away in tissue paper and fragrant sachets for great grandchildren. The grandchildren are not even all married yet! Must be a disease of grandmothers perhaps:-)

C in DC said...

What sweet quilts! So sorry to hear about your arm. When do you think Muriel will be ready for her next travel adventure?