Thursday, September 19, 2013

Our last day on the Cape

Sunday was our last day in Massachusetts.  Due to a camera malfunction the day before, my hostess spent the morning stitching in her hotel room before heading to the mall in hopes of getting her device repaired by something called the "Geek Squad."  She was unsuccessful, and left the store quite angry!  As a result we drove to several electronics stores, in hopes of finding a new camera that suited her.  It took a good piece of our late morning/early afternoon, but she eventually prevailed.  At that time we were in Orleans, MA, and she decided to stop and see the historic Jonathan Young Windmilll (since we were there).

New camera in hand, my hostess then made another impulsive decision and headed north to visit the Heritage Museums and Gardens in Sandwich, MA.  I swear, this woman spends entirely too much time in the car!

The gardens were quite lovely, though.   I relaxed in a gorgeous patch of asters and hyssop...
...and under the trellis arch in the hydrangea garden.

Can you find me?

Here I am!
The museums included an display of concept cars, American folk art, and a working 1908 carousel.  My hostess rode the carousel, and had such fun doing so that she forgot to include me.  Hmph.
Selfish woman.
In the "Cities of Tomorrow" workshop, I got to sit in a terribly UN-comfortable chair made of recycled street signs.
And outside the showroom of concept cars, I found this garden gate designed like the grate from a Model-T Ford.  Ah, memories!!

My hostess spent the better part of several hours simply wandering around the gardens, commenting on how lovely it smelled and how it was a lovely place to "get lost in."  WHAT?!?!?  Did she say LOST?!?!?  Oh dear.
At least I was able to locate a domicile of sorts...although who knows what sort of creatures might have lived in here prior to my arrival.

Hostess note: Muriel, stop that!!!  We are NOT lost in the woods, and there is no need for you to be eating mysterious mushrooms.  You are such a drama queen.

Ahem.  Well anyway.  We left the gardens before dinner, and went to pick up my hostess' husband from his last conference session.  Then they went to watch a sunset on the beach together - I was not invited. 

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Anonymous said...

A lovely post again Mme Muriel, I'm sure your hostess is going to miss you!