Saturday, September 14, 2013

A teaser

Goodness, Cape Cod is not what I was expecting!  Evidently it is a part of the state of Massachusetts - about 7 hours from my hostess's home.  While her husband has been attending some sort of professional symposium, she and I have been free to explore.  First we headed out to Provincetown, on the far end of the Cape (also, I've learned that "Cape" is a geographic term, describing a piece of land that extends into the sea!).  My hostess got quite flustered with the town's layout and the parking situation, so she eventually parked over a mile from the downtown and we walked back in.  On our way, we came across this unexpected lovely place -
I'm not sure if you can read that placard, but it is essentially a tiny public garden between the homes on Commercial Street.  My hostess found this on the I Am Provincetown website:
"If you walk down Commercial Street in the east end of town you will come across a flower garden that takes up a whole building lot. There is no locked gate at its entrance, no sign warning those to keep out or claiming private property though it is not publicly owned. It is Suzanne's garden though not many people know it. An open space that all are welcome to walk through, sit in and enjoy quietly in their own time. No fee, no box requesting contributions because that's the way she enjoyed it and so it remains to this day."
After visiting the Whydah Pirate Museum (no photos allowed there...and besides, I find pirates thoroughly unlikeable!) and poking around in several little shops, we stopped briefly to rest under the shady gazebo on our way back to the car. 
We've journeyed as far as Plymouth, and have a few more days to adventure.  Thankfully, my hostess seems to have mastered the dreaded New England traffic roundabout!  I've seen lighthouses, sailing ships, and all manner of monuments and museums.  I'm getting tired!  I think my hostess is spending some downtime stitching while I post this....  There are also many more pictures of our travels, but she has been using her "real camera" and did not bring the cords to download to the laptop (I don't really know what that means, it is just what she told me).  More later.

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