Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Celebrating a finish

So, this past weekend I was in Nashua, NH at Celebration of Needlework.  I took Elizabeth Ann Talledo's "Zen Rabbit Stitching Purse" class, went to the Saturday night dinner event (which, IMHO, wasn't as good as last year), and spent a lot of time stitching and shopping.  My haul:
  • "Renaissance" and "Silver Delight" from Keslyn's
  • the kit for Keslyn's Round Robin piece (no pic available)
  • "Spring Quaker" - kitted with the fabric and Valdani silks - from Rosewood Manor (my splurge!)
  • Santa Scissor Sheath by J Designs
  • "Dear Daughter" by Blackbird Designs - yet another to stitch for the Wee One
  • a piece of 30-ct. Garden State Java linen, from a bargain bin
  • a new tube of stitcher's lotion
And of course, all the "freebies" I picked up from the cast-off piles.  Probably the most ambitious - and most unlike me - was Cross My Heart's "To Everything There is a Season."  I don't normally do Bible verses, but this one has always sounded quite lovely to me.  And I love the border with the little trees!

I love going to Celebration, but it does get expensive.  I try to keep myself occupied with stitching and friends, but it is just so tempting....

I did manage to finish something in the brief time I had there (arriving Friday evening and leaving Sunday morning makes for a short weekend!).  Here is Just Nan's "Glorious Wings: Gypsy Rose."

Stitched on a mystery pink linen with DMC as charted, Mill Hill petite white beads and periwinkle seed beads.  I'm going to have this framed with the "Tiffany" butterfly fairy I finished earlier this year, and give them to my daughter.


blue star stitcher said...

Your Just Nan fairy is lovely!

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

I really like Dear Daughter by BBD, it is such a pretty design - your finish is pretty too - Amanda