Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Time for a new start, of course!

Evidently upheaval and uncertainty has manifested itself in a need to STITCH.  EVERYTHING.

Over the weekend I started La-D-Da's "The Ark."  (It was in the book I picked up on Friday!)
(picture found at The La-D-Da Lover's blog)
The model was stitched on a yellow-brown hand-dyed linen, which I did not have, and I wasn't crazy about a light fabric like the one above, either.  So I ended up using the Silkweaver solo that I posted a few weeks ago, and - of course- I've swapped out all the colors.  I have a discontinued blue over-dyed floss that I love, and wanted to use for the water curly-qs.  Then, since my fabric is more brown than the model, I decided to use 3371 (black-brown) for the animals, and stitch the boat outline in 3031 (brown not quite as dark as 3371).  It is odd for me to be doing a Biblical pattern - I'm not really very religious - but i do tend to think some of the ark patterns are cute....

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Thoeria said...

Oh looking forward to seeing your version :)