Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 TUSAL #1

Gosh, it looks like a lot already!
Those are orts from the Glorious Wings angel fairy , my piece for the Shepherd's Bush exchange (Morticia wanted to tease you by posing with just a smidge of the pattern!), and a couple lengths of blue and gold from Labyrinth.  And there is definitely lots of fluff - no need to mash everything down yet!

I've been watching the website for Celebrations of Needlework, waiting to see the class listing for this spring....part of me hopes there is something good, and part of me hopes that I'm not interested in anything.  Thanks to the tax adjustments, the annual increase in our health insurance, and a colossal book-keeping error on the part of Toyota Financial (they took EIGHT car payments out of my husband's account at once, which resulted in him getting hit with a bunch of overdraft charges, and Toyota insists that while they *might* refund the payments, the overdraft is entirely his fault.  Even though most of them occurred on payments he had scheduled prior to the Toyota mess....anyway), I probably shouldn't be spending money on.....anything.  Ugh.  Anyway.  Back to my own little world of happy stitching.

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