Sunday, December 02, 2012

So much to do, so little time

So Christmas is coming, this stitcher's getting fat.... what, that's not how the song goes?!?!?  Pshaw.

However, I have not been accomplishing much on the stitching front.  My time has been monopolized by planning/cooking the family Thanksgiving, trying to decorate the house with a "helpful" toddler, and working on that quilt I posted earlier.  And of course, the usual drag of work, laundry, gym time, etc etc etc.

Yesterday DH, Wee One and I went to a Victorian-themed outdoor arts & crafts fair, and had a lovely time.  I didn't buy much, but we DID find a lovely small stand that fits next to the sofa -- now I don't have stitching things scattered atop the DVDs on the bookcase!  The stand also has a little cubby under the top and a door below.  The recessed cubby space is where I've stashed my ort jar and other supplies.  I can't use the space with the door much right now, because of where my Daylight fits, but in the future it may be more useful.   And the whole thing is just so cute and well-made!  Here it is, along with the pajama Santa I bought and a little piece I started the other day when I just didn't feel like digging out one of the big projects.
"Pine Tree Hill"
Little House Needleworks
(in 2006 JCS ornament preview issue)


Lee said...

LOL! My lap is magically expanding, too!

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