Sunday, November 04, 2012


Once upon a time there was a stitcher who was intrigued by quilting, but was pretty sure she hadn't the time, money, or aptitude to do it.  Then she won a pack of tiny pre-cut squares, and thought to herself, "what the heck, this will be simple enough!"  She sewed them together....and was most dis-pleased with the result.  Evidently the 1/4" seams DO matter, more so when quilting than when assembling pillows and such with pieces of finished needlework.  So she decided that quilting was not a hobby she would persue.

Then she had a daughter.  And she saw a pack of pre-cut 4" squares on eBay, in Cicely Mary Barker's fairy patterns.  "Gah!" she thought, "perfect for a quilt for the small one!"  And she bought them.

Today it would appear that she may, in fact, be a quilter.
(I have 50 of the 4" squares.  I made the 9-patch in honor of my grandma, who did LOTS of 9-patch quilts!  With the 50 squares I can make 5 9-patches, and then I was thinking I'd find a coordinating fabric to make large solid squares.  I'd alternate them in such a way that the entire quilt would also be a 9-patch...then add in a few jelly roll strips, and soon enough I should have a decent-sized blanket!  And maybe use the leftover fairy squares to make a dolly blanket...)

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