Monday, September 24, 2012


Ugh.  Over the weekend I decided it was finally time to finish the finishing on the Lizzie*Kate "Autumn" boxer square that I stitched up last year.
Originally I thought I'd make a pillow, but then I changed my mind and thought that a little wallhanging would be nice.  So while the Little One napped with Daddy yesterday, I went down to my craft room and started sewing.  I got the stitched piece framed with fabric, some hanging "tabs" placed, and the backing cut.  I started sewing everything together.  And then, after I'd sewn 2 sides...I realized that I had screwed up.  I'd put the batting BETWEEN the front and back pieces!  No good.  So at some point I'll need to disassemble everything and try again - with the batting ON TOP, so once everything is turned it will be on the inside.  Duh.

Thanks for the comments on the ornament issue.  And yes, I agree that many times I go back and stitch things from older issues that didn't "call" to me on the first go-round.  And too funny that you mentioned the 1998 issue, Kathy - I'm working on the Prairie Schooler ornament from that issue right now myself!  I guess my point was more that maybe there are only so many ways to design Santas and snowmen?  I was thinking specifically about some of the snowmen - I don't have the issue in front of me right now so I can't provide names, but one of them looked an awful lot like one of Lizzie*Kate's Tiny Tidings designs.  (I'm not saying it was any kind of design infringement or anything like that, just that it was similar.)  But as I said, it's a snowman.  They're white, with big round heads and pointy carrot noses.  So. 
As for the design(s) I WILL stitch from that issue -- I think I'm going to do the Dragon Dreams ornament for my not-yet-born niece/nephew.  The child's parents are big fantasy geeks, and since this year's DD ornie is "year of the dragon" themed, it will suit them perfectly.  And I did love some of the geometric stuff, and even some of the little houses!


Xeihua (Sara) said...

I hope you manage to get your wall hanging fixed ;) I hate when I make those kind of mistakes.... but luckily they aren't that frequent... I don't like either when I get to the point that the patterns start seeming very similar to each other (in fact that was one of the reasons why I stopped subscribing one of the stitching magazines... ti was basically more of the same...)
I'll be waiting to see your new ornaments :D


cucki said...

sweet stitching..i love fall xx