Sunday, August 26, 2012

Stuff I Don't Need

Using the app for my smartphone has illustrated how much money I DON'T have to spend on stash....but sometimes I just can't help it....

So Saturday, after spending a lovely afternoon at the pool with the Wee One, I ran into JoAnn Fabrics and bought the latest issue of Just Cross Stitch.  Now, lately I've been rather disappointed in that publication - too many flowers and Bible verse for my taste.  But I must begrudgingly admit that this issue had some really nice (IMHO) patterns.  While the Jeanette Douglas pumpkin sampler intimidates me a bit with all its specialty flosses and stitches, I may try it someday when I'm feeling brave....and the Halloween ornaments include several cute ones (I like Plum Pudding Needlearts "Potions" and a few others).  Also, I didn't realize that there would even BE Halloween smalls in this issue -- I thought those were all in the 2012 "special edition" that came out last month!  So as much as it kills me, I have to recommend the issue if your stitching tastes are anything like mine.  Just look past the cheesy and elaborate cornucopia on the cover (pretty, I guess, but NOT my style!).

And finally, I'm posting this here mostly to get it out of my sytem.  Homespun Elegance has released the 2012 Christmas ornament collection, and this year's Santa would be very cute for my daughter.
However, 1) I already have a pattern in mind for this year, and 2) even if I didn't, I have a million other Santa things in my stash.  No buying!!  Naughty!


Kathy A. said...

But you might regret it later if you don't buy the latest issues. Then again, I think I know where you can get a copy lol.
Sending hugs

Chris said...

Be strong! lol! It is so hard not to buy new stash.