Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Hopelessly behind

Much like a certain television network trying to broadcast "live" sporting events across a 5-hour time difference, I feel like I just can't win lately.  And how did it get to be August, praytell?!?!?  Sheesh.  What a summer.
I HAVE been stitching, but in a rather intermittent and unfocused fashion.  It seems like we are always planning for the next weekend, the next trip, the next visit from family, and have very little time to just relax.  And when we do have that relaxation time, I feel guilty for spending it sitting on my butt and stitching.  Never fear, though, I will try to get some pics up here soon!  I have both a TUSAL and a WIPocalypse update to post...
Some bad news from the stitching front -- my LNS might be closing.  The owner's husband passed away in February, and rumor had it that she was selling the business.  Well, we were told that a decision would be made by the end of July.  I went in yesterday, and the nice lady working told me that nothing had been finalized, so the shop would be shutting its doors as of August 1 (today).  Right now the plan is that it will re-open on Labor Day -- either under new ownership or for a going out of business sale.  I felt like since I was there, and will be LNS-less for at least the next month, I ought to buy I grabbed a handful of HDF silks and some fabric.  Of course I don't have an immediate use for these, but they're mine now!  LOL  Also, I read on the HDF chatboard that Vikki may be winding down her floss dyeing business over the coming months, so adding a few more affordable silks in my stash ( my LNS was still selling them at $1.50/skein) sounded like a good idea.
Since I have no stitching pics to share, here is one of my kid from the renaissance faire.  She had such a great time, dancing and running around...and collecting booty from pirates!  (She figured out that if she said "arrrrrgh" to a pirate, they'd probably give her something -- plastic jewelry, fake doubloons, junk like that.)

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C in DC said...

That's sad news about your LNS. Fingers crossed that she finds a buyer.

Your daughter is so cute! Too bad they grow up so fast and begin to limit your stitching time!