Monday, July 02, 2012

SBQ and Reading Progress

An SBQ from Lee-
This statement is irritating: "Oh, I don't have the patience for stitching/crafting." How do you respond when you get that kind of statement? What's the best response you've ever heard/seen?

I'm one of those people who can come up with a GREAT response to annoying questions...2 hours after the fact.  So while I too hate that kind of statement, I usually just shrug and say something dumb like, "oh, I don't mind."  But the truth is, I'm NOT a terribly patient person!  And for as much as I love starting new projects, the time it takes to finish them - especially with work, a child, housework, and all the other banalities of daily life - drives me mad.  It is worse than standing in line behind someone writing a check in the grocery store.

And speaking of starting and finishing, here is "Reading."  About halfway done!!  Gotta love a quick project like this every now and then.
If you've stitched this one (or seen it stitched), you may notice a few changes.  The thread included in the chart pack for the dress was much purple-r than the picture indicated -- in fact, it was almost the same color as the purple used for the big flowers and the birdhouse.  Since I'd started with the dress and didn't feel like picking it all out, I found a darker/brighter purple in my stash.  And I also picked a coordinating blue for the birds -- I didn't like them being purple birds!


C in DC said...

I too think of responses much later. Plus, I don't think stitching requires patience, just more of an attention to detail and the ability to sit still.

I too hate how long it takes to finish a project, which is why I have so many starts and fewer finishes.

Your reading project is beautiful. I like your color adjustments.

Lesleyanne said...

Great progress on Reading.

Mangogirl said...

great progress.

I dislike how many people go oh I could never do that too hard/no patience it is frustrating. I love to show people how to stitch but I hate when everyone makes it seem like a big deal.