Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What has happened to me???

Have you ever woken up one morning and found that your tastes in stitching have suddenly changed?!?!?  That's how I'm feeling today!  I had a routine doctor's appointment, and since I knew I'd be waiting for a while after dropping Little Bit off at daycare, I grabbed LHN's "Reading" threadpack and a hunk of mystery fabric out of the cupboard and tossed them in my bag.  I've had this for years -- as a librarian, I felt the "need" to buy it, but never really cared to stitch it.  But now that I have Little Bit, and she looooooves our nightly storytimes, I thought I could stitch it up and either frame or finish it as a flatfold for her bookshelf.  And I'm having so much fun with it!!! 

Now I'm considering picking up some of the silk Little Women "Virtues" packs to do for her as well.  Plus I have "My Lady," which I intend to finish with a locket that was given to ME when my little sister was born and a heart charm that Little Bit "picked out" the last time we went to the craft store together.

I've given up trying to figure out exactly what my stitching taste is -- it seems to change from minute to minute!  LOL

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Lesleyanne said...

I am just the same. I think we all go through this.