Friday, June 15, 2012

Melville's Return

"Melville's Return"
Cross-Eyed Cricket
stitched with DMC and WDW on Wichelt linen
This piece was a lot of fun.  Although I've never been crazy about Wichelt linen, and this experience didn't help...slubby, coarse, and generally bleh to work with.  But the design itself is great, and I love the finished product!  And my little whale modification always makes me grin.
If anyone else is going to stitch this, you WILL need at least 2 skeins of the WDW Aqua for the sky.  (My old LNS owner told me I'd need 3, which I did not.  I'm not sure how she need that much, since I had one entire skein plus a few lengths of another left over.)


Cole said...

It looks great! Enjoy your happy dance :)

Kathy A. said...

Nice one! You know me - a sucker for a lighthouse!

Mouse said...

ohhh well done on your finish :) it looks fab and nice to know about how much thread too ... :)
love mouse xxxxx

Deanne J said...


Anna van Schurman said...

I love the lettering on this one. Great finish!