Monday, May 07, 2012

WIPs, SBQ, and other babble

My May WIPocalypse progress on "Melville's Return":
Yep, I have moved on to the top of the design!  Very exciting.  Once the lighthouse is done, there is a bit more text ("voyages are"), a little mermaid, and then the giant expanse of sky above done in WDW Aqua hand-dyed floss.

And the May SBQ from Lee --
What's your favorite floral piece that you've stitched? Do you prefer your flowers as the centerpiece of the design or as an accent?
 I'm not a big flower person, so I'll have to go with preferring the flowers as accents.  Many of the pieces I've stitched have included flowers, I guess, but I've never stitched anything like DVG's floral pillows, or the big pieces Just Cross Stitch seems to enjoy featuring with giant blossoms of one kind or another.  The floral pieces I do like tend to be more stylized and funky than realistic, too.  Of those that I have stitched, here are my favorites (becasue who can pick just ONE?!?!) and why:

Lilacs by Lavender Wings - I like this one because it reminds me of my parents' backyard, where there were 2 huge lilac bushes.  They smelled so lovely!

"Happiness Is" by Rosewood Manor.  I like the verse on this one.  And the Quaker/sampler-style flowers are sweet.

"Valse de Fleurs" by The Drawn Thread.  This one has tons of specialty stitches in it, and I like it mostly because of the sense of accomplishment I had when I did them all!!

"Delivering Fleurs" by Homespun Elegance.  Funky and therefore cute.

OK, so maybe I DO like flowers a bit more than I thought I did.....hmmm.  LOL


Daffycat said...

I love your nautical WIP, Erin! The colors are fun and I like the bit of whimsy like the spouting whale.

Anonymous said...


I'm new to your blog.

I love your samplers with flowers on, they are very pretty.

Your Melvilles Return is looking great.
Happy weekend.

Mangogirl said...

gorgeous stitching :)