Monday, March 12, 2012

March SBQ

The latest question from Lee:
Do you participate in exchange or RR stitching? Why or why not?
I do, from time to time.  I've only done one round robin, and had a less-than-ideal experience (although I DID get my own project back, and was pleased with the finished project).  We just had some people drop out/disappear mid-stream, and that was disappointing.  Heck, I managed to keep up, and I moved and started a new job during the course of the robin, so they didn't have any excuse in my book!  LOL  Since then I joined the "Me Myself and I RR," a self-designed AND self-stitched neighborhood, which I guess was supposed to give us the comraderie of round robin stitching without the pain of slacking participants.  End result?  Well, at least on my resulted in extreme slackage.  Ha!  My little Fairy Tale Towne is still in the WIP bin, with one house and a partially-stitched castle...  At this point in my life, I'm not in a hurry to join any more round robins.  I just don't have the time.
I've done several exchanges, too, all via the Hooked on Exchanging blog.  These are a lot of fun, and I've received some lovely things!  Is everything exactly perfect for me/something I would have stitched for myself?  Of course not.  But to me, that is part of the fun - seeing what others like and what they think I might like.  I've actually discovered new designers and styles this way, and everything has been beautifully stitched and finished.  I love when exchange mail comes!  I can only hope that the recipients of my stitching are pleased with it, too.  Exchanges, with their themes and mailing deadlines, are something I can handle and enjoy.  And the nice thing is, I can always chose not to participate for a round or 2 if things are getting hectic on the homefront!


Mouse said...

I have done both and enjoyed them equally ... the only worry is the RR's not getting to the destinations or back to you as has happened to some folks I do know ... fingers crossed it hasn't to me ... love mouse xxxx

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I've stitched one complete RR on the Yuku Board and it was a HUGE success. The interpretation the stitchers made of my design brief far exceeded anything I imagined. I simply asked each person to stitch a different rainbow colour. It looks like a piece designed by a professional.
I've just started a Joan Elliott RR on the same board and have signed up for the 2012 Band Sampler RR.
The Yuku board do check people out carefully especially after a recent "keeper".
I prefer RRs to exchanges. I'm not good at finishing and don't enjoy it. Also, I've noticed the trend to include beautiful gifts with the stitching. My budget and the price of threads here simply excludes me from that sort of thing.
I am in a Birthday card exchange this year, we have strict instructions to send one skein of DMC only!