Friday, March 23, 2012

At least I'm THINKING about stitching...

(...which can be dangerous, because then I'm tempted to BUY things, but oh well!)

I will have a new niece or nephew in the fall - DH's brother and wife are pregnant and due in October!  So I've been contemplating baby designs.  I'm becoming less of a fan of big, traditional baby samplers, in part because I always wonder what will happen to the piece once the child grows a bit and no longer wants a baby-thing hanging on their bedroom wall.  Heck, I wonder about that with the one I did for my own daughter!  So I've been gravitating toward smaller designs that I can make into ornaments, pillows, or drawstring bags.

A little background on the recipients: BIL and SIL are really into fantasy and sci fi, but not at all into cutesy.  They were the ones who had the medieval-themed wedding, and I made their wedding sampler based on the scroll invitations they sent out!  Right now I've got 3 designs in mind.
1) TW's "You Were Hatched..."  I think this could be perfect for a little boy, and I probably WOULD have this one framed, just because I know the amount of work that is going to go into it...  LOL
2) JBW Designs "Twinkle Twinkle." Definitely the most gender-neutral of the 3.
3) Full Circle Designs' "A Child's Dream."  This one seems more "girly" to me, and the colors are similar to what my SIL was talking about for their nursery (jewel tones).
All 3 are small enough that even if I did get the finished piece framed, it wouldn't dominate the room or the wall on which it was hung.  And of course I'd add the child's name and birthdate to the bottom of whatever design I use.

Any opinions (or other suggestions?!?!?)?
I'll be back later with this month's TUSAL pic!  Have a lovely weekend...

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Mouse said...

ohhhh I love the hatched one :) mmmm couldn't you change the colours a wee bit to make it suitable for both ???
next would be a child's dream for me then twinkle ....
hope that helps you a bit :) love mouse xxxxx