Friday, February 03, 2012

Finally Friday!

Ugh, I'm so ready for the weekend....weeks seem so loooooooong at this time of year.  (Of course, I'm working at Job #2 both Saturday AND Sunday, so it isn't as if I'm getting much of a break!)

Earlier this week I mailed out 2 exchanges, but since neither has arrived yet, I can't share.  But I can show a bit of my progress on the Charland Stag Sampler.
After finishing the first row of the alphabet (and starting to re-stitch the half-eyelets above it), I started working my way up instead my usual "down"....LOL  Although I did do another couple letters below, as you can see the "o" wrapped around my frame there.  I really like this little piece!


cucki said...

sweet stitching xxx

Mouse said...

oooo sorry you have to work at the week end and it looks like you have been busy with your needle :) love the colours of it :)
love mouse xxxx

Mangogirl said...

lovely stitching :D