Wednesday, January 04, 2012

I think I made a good decision.

Back in November I ranted a bit about the changes to the online magazine, The Gift of Stitching.  It started as a monthly publication, and as of January 2012 it will be bi-monthly and (supposedly) with more patterns and articles.

I got my first "new" issue this week.

I'm not impressed.

Maybe my tastes have changed, maybe I've just reached S.A.B.L.E. and don't feel the need to acquire much of anything...but whatever the reason is, I'm not excited by the contents of TGOSM any more.  So I'm glad I didn't renew when the editor tried to "compensate" those of us who were losing issues on our current subscription due to the format change by offering a renewal deal.

OK, back to stitching!!!


Vonna said...

I stopped subscribing two years ago, don't miss it. period.

Sara said...

Thanks for the comment. Yuku message me if you ever have any questions. There are a lot of parts to the process that don't get talked about publicly for privacy reasons but I'm always happy to answer questions for a friend considering adoption.


April said...

I subscribed the first year.. after that I did not renew.. I have not missed it. Happy stitches!!!

Gillie said...

I still subscribe, like some, don't like others, but it is the same with all magazines. I think people were very harsh with Kisten on the group, I was not impressed by the conversations there.