Monday, December 12, 2011

Pondering the WIPocalypse and an SBQ

With the way my stash keeps growing, I'm in deperate need of the WIPocalypse!  I think my list of projects will be climbing past the current 8.

First, there was my one little eBay purchase - X's and Oh's "Mermaid Fair."  I have no clue why I felt I needed this - there are more than enough mermaid patterns in my stash already - but I just kept coming back to it over and over.  So I did.  And I won.  And it arrived today!  I think it is all those blues, they are just so lovely.

Then another wonderfully generous blogger gifted me with a bunch of Shepherd's Bush patterns.  I now have "Evening Sampler," "Gathered Hours," "Earth Song," "Robert's Stocking," and "Angel Pie" added to my stash!  At first I thought "Robert's Stocking" might be in the running to be my daughter's stocking, but now that I've had it in my hands to look at, I'm thinking it might be perfect for DH.... 
And in the spirit of Christmas and paying it forward - "Angel Pie" isn't quite my style.  So if any of my readers would like it, let me know!  If more than one person asks, I'll have Wee One draw a name from the bowl.

To go along with those mermaids, here is my progress on the sand castle.  Still loving this one, despite the inordinate amount of time I spend switching colors.

And finally, Lee's December SBQ
Name your favorite designer(s). Have your tastes changed over time?When I started stitching, I collected anything and everything Celtic and fantasy-related.  In that vein, I adored Teresa Wentzler, Dragon Dreams, Black Swan, Mirabilia, MarBek, and a couple other designers.  Not necessarily everything by those designers, though - I was always selective.  It just didn't seem that way at first, because I had nothing!  LOL  Now I'm finding that while I still love some of the same designs (obviously, I just bought mermaids!), I can't realistically see me finishing and displaying all the dragons, maidens and castles that are in my stash.  So I've switched gears a little bit, and now have more "primitive" designs than I ever thought I would.  But I'm still picky... LOL  I like some Prairie Schooler, smaller stuff by Bent Creek, Lizzie Kate and such, Shepherd's Bush (does that count as primitive?), geometric stuff.....  Hmmm, it  seems that I've become more eclectic over time!!!


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Those are some great patterns.

I would love to get the Angel Pie pattern.

Love your progress on your sandcastles too.

I think as we go through life our tastes change in patterns.

Kathy A. said...

Oh, I wish that was my WIP list! Would you like to share some of mine.
Love your new mermaid purchse. Sandcastles is looking lovely.

cucki said...

hello dear,
yup..those are very lovely pattern..
i also love "angel pie"it is so sweet..please count me in for that..
sand castle is looking so sweet..and the mermaid is so beautiful too..
love and hugs
cucki xx