Sunday, October 16, 2011

Trick or Treat!

First, the trick.
Over the weekend I started a new small project - Lizzie Kate's "Autumn Cottage" Boxer kit. However, I was NOT thrilled with the included fabric. I found it wasn't at all true to the I substituted with a scrap of something from my stash. And I think I may end up swapping out a few floss colors, too. The roof of the little house is stitched in - according to the pattern - GAST Brethren Blue, and my skein of Brethren Blue looks absolutely green! I think the kit pic is much more blue/gray... Right now the front-runner for the substitution is Crescent Colors "Old Blue Jeans."
And now for the treat.
As you can see from the pic, I photographed one of Monica Ferris' needlework mysteries along with my little autumn project. I picked this book up at Barnes & Noble a while back, because 1) it had a lovely spooky little cover, 2) it had a cute witch hat pattern in the back, and 3) it WAS about needlework, after all! However, I must admit that I couldn't really get into it. <:( Which was a little surprising, because I did enjoy reading a couple of Maggie Sefton's knitting mysteries... Anyway. I thought I'd give this book away as a little Halloween treat to my readers! It isn't terrible, just not my style, and I'm sure someone out there will enjoy it more. So leave a comment on this post before Friday, October 21, and maybe this book will end up in your trick-or-treat bucket! (And you never know what else might make it into the package, but I promise nothing. LOL) Make sure I can find your email - either in your blogger profile or leave it in your comment - so I can contact you if you win.


Kathy A. said...

I understand your fabric frustration. I paid a lot of money for a kit from England and tossed the fabric - it was so awful.
I have many of Monica Ferris books and would love to add this to the collection. Please toss my hame in to the proverbial hat.

Christine said...

I hate it when the stuff they give you in kits doesn't match the picture.
I've never read any Monica Ferris and I'd love to give it a go, please enter my name in the draw

cucki said...

oh too..i hate it when all this happen..not a nice feeling..
please count my name in the draw..
hugs for you xxx

Mouse said...

ooo bummer with the fabric and the house roof looks more blue than green from here ... never read one of her books sooo in for a penny in for a pound as they say .. unless over the pond is too many pennies or cents in your case ... think you can get me through my blogger profile if not email on my blig :) take care love mouse xxxx

Kate said...

Black work and Halloween! AWESOME! Please enter me in your give away.

Rachel S said...

I would love to be considered for this! Your stitching looks great so far!

Linda Klinedinst said...

I really like your WIP... I love Lizzie @ Kate's Patterns and I have a few of them myself.