Friday, October 28, 2011

October Ort Report & a Lizzie*Kate finish

First, my finish - Lizzie*Kate's Autumn Cottage Boxer. I didn't use the Summer Khaki linen provided, and I swapped out a couple colors (the roof I mentioned earlier, and a few of the leaf colors I didn't have). The fabric next to it is what I plan to use for pillowifying. And yes, the piece IS straight, it was just at a bit of an angle on my work table!

And here's Morticia, showing off my next ornament start - Homespun Elegance's Jingle Jingle. The snow/border is stitched in GAST Roasted Marshmallow, and wouldn't you know, it looks like it blends a bit too much with the fabric....oh well. I like the rest of it on the lighter linen, and it is the right count to keep it from becoming a giant ornament, so I'm not going to worry. Too much.


cucki said...

lovely finish..i love it and a great start.
happy stitching xxx

Lesleyanne said...

A gorgeous finish - the backing fabric is perfect. Great new start.

Jenny said...

What a sweet Autumn sampler! I like your colors and the backing in yummy! I am a big Homespun Elegance fan, so I am looking forward to see how your new WIP turns out - it looks like it is off to a fabulous start!
I also love your JOY ornie from your previous post - nice cording! :-)