Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Where has all the summer gone?

I can't believe it is August already. We are just a few weeks from classes resuming at the college where I work, and I swear the tree in my back yard has a few orange leaves now... (although that could be due to the lack of rain!)

DH is still looking for a job. It is so frustrating for him...and for me, too. Little Bit's daycare costs are quite a drain on our budget, but we just can't give up her spot - with our luck, the minute we did that DH would find employment, and THEN where would we be? So we're still crossing crossables and hoping that today will be the day someone finally calls him back.

I'm still stitching, but have neglected to take any pictures. I'm sorry! Mermaid Heart has been my focus lately, so I'll try to get a picture soon. I've also been working on my challenge piece. At first I was in love with it, now I'm kind of luke-warm, but it WILL be finished by Sept. 15.

Finally, we went to the local county fair last weekend, mostly because I wanted to check out the needlework category. It was....less than impressive, to say the least. The cross-stitch category didn't have many entries, and quite honestly, they weren't that good. The designs were rather dated country scenes, worked on aida, and not very well framed, either. I mean, they are perfectly fine cross-stitched things, but I was expecting to see at least one or 2 Miras, maybe something with some specialty stitches...but no. Oh well. And the display itself? Framed pieces laid flat on tables!!!


Lee said...

Our county fair has never had a nice needlework display, IMHO. The categories are also quite limited. Framed needlework and pillows. That's it.

Mouse said...

your lucky you have ...we don't here .. fingers crossed dh gets something soon :) love mouse xxx

cucki said...

hello dear, it is so lovely to hear from you..i am sending lots of best wishes for your DH job..i hope he gets the job soon..lots of good luck and best wishes..lots of love for you..hugs cucki xx