Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stitchy-related Faire Finds!

Over the weekend DH, Wee One and I ventured to the Sterling Renaissance Festival. It is about 2 hours away, but is the closest faire to where we now live (which makes me just a little sad!). I always tell myself I won't be spending a lot of money when I go to a faire, and I usually do pretty well....but with this being a new-to-me faire, I did find a couple unique vendors. And they are stitchy-ish things, too!

First, I bought a small tapestry bag from Gypsy Wings. If you look at her gallery of bags, I have the "Rebekah" in the Blue Italian Quilt design. Gorgeous, well-made, and deceptively roomy! I love it.
Then I found Rainbow Weavings, a woman who makes god's-eye style pendants and earrings using silk and metallic threads. So pretty! I purchased a pendant from her sale board (because the metal frame was a different color on the back than the front). Mine is kind of like these:

OK, back to stitching..... :)


cucki said...

lovely..and very different earings..hppy stitching dear xx

Kahlan said...

I like the earrings.

Measi said...

Erin! Just saw your signup for the WIPocalypse. (I'm shocked how many people have signed up already, honestly). How are things with you? Hopefully you fared okay with the storm?