Monday, July 11, 2011

Home again, home again

And let me be the first to say, when traveling with a toddler (or really ANY child, I can only assume!) there is no such thing as a "vacation." LOL
We were in Iowa over the weekend for my sister-in-law's wedding. After one delayed flight, a race through the Detroit airport while wearing an almost-30 lb. toddler, making the connecting flight only to realize said toddler had not had a diaper change or lunch (and yes, we did have food for her, but somehow I don't think nilla wafers and a juice box are a good substitute for lunch!), and a myriad of other problems-that-would-not-have-seemed-like-problems-had-we-not-been-parents, it was with a great (albeit somewhat guilty) sigh of relief that I took her to daycare this morning and went home to do all the laundry, watch a movie with DH and take a looooooooooong nap.
While I didn't stitch while we were traveling, I did make some progress on "Count Your Blessings" today between loads of laundry and naps. I'll share later!
I also made a somewhat depressing discovery. When I lived in Erie, I had a LNS (Stitchin' Stuff, for those who've been to the area) that did what I thought was wonderful framing. Her eye for color was very much like my own, and I was always happy with the work she did for me - you can see some of it on the "Framed Finishes" page here. But I was looking closely at some of the pieces on my wall today, and I noticed that the cut edges of the mats are starting to yellow. Every single one. And none of them are older than about 5 years. Ugh. I can't afford to have them all taken apart and re-framed, so for now they'll just have to stay as they are...


valerie said...

How horrible about your framing. I would keep an eye on it because the yellowing is a sign of acid mats. Yikes!

Glad you had a relaxing day today.

Patty C. said...

So sorry about your framing !!!

I have 4 kids - They are older now, But I have some very interesting traveling stories - I usually needed a vacation post vacation - lol

Mouse said...

whoops re the travelling and ooo bad news re the yellowing ... I would really check your stitching as it sounds like an acid erosion of the mats .... would hate to have it ruined ... love mouse xxxx

cucki said...

oh sorry about your framing..
travelling with kids ..i can truly
keep well dear xx