Monday, March 28, 2011

A finish between the waves

Still working on "Melville's Return," of course, but every now and then I need to switch it up. So I finished up the Victoria Sampler Pennsylvania heart the other it is with the Iowa heart I finished last year. I was originally going to make a double-sided ornament with these, but now I'm thinking about 1) getting/stitching the New York heart, 2) making a 4th heart outline and filling it with our family info, and 3) making all 4 hearts into a little pillow or quilted wallhanging. I don't anticipate having any more children, so it would be our family sampler! (DH was born in Iowa, Peanut and I were born in NYS, and we were married in PA.)


Von said...

You chose a nice design to break up your time with Melville. :) Congrats on a sweet finish!

Jennifer said...

Pretty! I like these VS hearts - I stitched the Hawaii one for an ornament: