Friday, January 21, 2011

The Queen has been too busy to beat the peasants

Look -- it is the return of Fairy Tale Towne! Although there hasn't been a lot of progress, and it looks as if the local dragon may have taken a bite out of the center of the castle...I've been working this the past night or 2, since finishing my reindeer ornament. I'm going to pop that in the mail tomorrow, so hopefully I can share a pic of the finished product soon! I also started another small project, Lizzie Kate's "Winter Wishes."

This weekend my parents are supposed to coming out with my NEW STOVE (!!!!!), so next week we'll be calling the contractor/handyman service we've decided to use. And hopefully after we get our taxes done we'll have a bit of free cash to replace the kitchen carpet (yuck-o) with some inexpensive vinyl. Happy Friday, all!

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Meari said...

I received the ornament so you may show :) Thank you so much.